Our Services

TEAM offers over 39 years of combined experience in the consultancy field. With commitment to team-working and quality services, we take pride in creating optimum satisfaction for our clients.   Our exceptional services in all areas of engineering field include water resources and hydropower, transportation and logistics, building and urban development, environmental science, energy, and project management and construction supervision. Our integrated services range from the feasibility study, EIA, surveying, planning, architectural and engineering design, project management, construction supervision, to operation and post-construction maintenance. In addition, we also act as an independent engineer in many large-scale projects.

Prompt and effective solutions to the new and critical challenges which are constantly emerging have positioned us at the forefront of consulting and related businesses. Still, we are committed to further develop our seasoned and competent human resource, services, and innovations to achieve leadership at regional and global levels.

Water Resources & Hydropower

Drawing on our 39 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in basin-wide water resource management and development, irrigation and water supply, drainage and flood control, hydroelectric power, and coastal engineering, TEAM is not only a trusted consultant for the public and private sectors in Thailand, but also for those in neighboring countries.

Transportation & Logistics

TEAM has provided assistance in all stages of the development of multimodal transportation including rail transit systems, roads and highways, water and air transport as well as traffic management, traffic engineering and integrated logistics management. Our comprehensive services range from master planning to design and construction supervision.

Environmental Management

Having made the commitment to environmental stewardship, we integrated environmental sciences to offer the clients one-stop service to enable their projects to win public acceptance and sustainable achievement. These ranges from environmental/social/health impact assessments, through environmental management, resettlement, to public participation.

Environmental Engineering

TEAM has high potential to provide service in the development of integrated solid waste management as well as wastewater treatment systems.  We also provide environmental engineering expertise in support of waterworks. This extends from master planning and design to construction supervision and implementation.

Urban Development, Building and Infrastructure

TEAM is specialized in survey, database development, strategic planning, land use and city planning at all levels. By integrating know-how, expertise and technology, we are able to conduct a study, analyze, design, manage and supervise large-scale building and infrastructure construction to surpass the demand of both public and private clients.

Project Management and Construction Supervision

All through more than 35 years of operation, TEAM has been entrusted with construction supervision for the project of any scale in both Thailand and other countries. Our quality workforce has constantly developed work system to meet the ISO 9001: 2008. This leads to effective management of the complexity of a mega project and on-time delivery.


TEAM is not only committed to service excellence in the development of electricity systems and the oil industry, but also delivers services relating to conventional energy, alternative ad renewable energy, energy conservation and implementing the Clean Development Mechanism, greenhouse gas mitigation, carbon footprints and eco-labeling. With our decades of engineering experience, we are able to offer a full range of renewable energy technologies.