Project Management and Construction Supervision for the Waterworks Facility Expansion in the Pathum Thani – Rangsit Area

Client: Pathum Thani Water Co., Ltd.
To lessen the tap water problem in the Pathum Thani – Rangsit area, Pathum Thani Water Co., Ltd. decided to expand its waterworks facility in the area from the current 388,000 CMD to 488,000 CMD.

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Improvement Project of a Raw Water Distribution System to Secure Productivity and Prevent Flooding

Client : Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)

Thailand’s 2011 great flood caused an overflow of flood water and wastewater into the MWA’s raw water sources, resulting in the reduced quality of raw water. The MWA thus initiated a project on improvement of its raw water distribution system to ensure production stability and to prevent flooding on a permanent basis. The project has been implemented at the East Prapa Canal from the Samlae Raw Water Pumping Station to the Bang Khen Water Treatment Plant and features improvement of its distribution system; siphon systems at Bang Luang, Bang Sue, and Bang Khen; and Samsen Water Control Facility.

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Survey and Detailed Design of the Highway No.225 (Nakhon Sawan – Chum Saeng District) Construction Project

Client:  Department of Highways

The Highway No.225 (Nakhon Sawan – Chum Saeng District) Construction Project involves increasing traffic lanes from two to four along the 20-kilometer section from Nakhon Sawan to Chum Saeng District in order to accommodate increasing traffic volume. The project will help facilitate business trips by car as well as goods transportation.

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Phou Ngoy Hydropower Project, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Client: Charoen Energy and Water Asia Co., Ltd.

Located in the Champasak District of Champasak Province in Lao PDR, the Phou Ngoy Hydropower Project comprises a run-of-river dam on the Mekong River. Its expected generating capacity is 651 MW and the electricity will be used domestically and sold to Thailand. TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management,

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